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CASE STUDY: AlliedOP, Inc.

The Increased Importance of Branding in the Information Age.


AlliedOP, Inc. is a long-term client of Greyfound Design and a provider of prosthetic healthcare services to amputees. AlliedOP engaged Greyfound Design for branding services because of a significant change in their business model. Historically, AlliedOP's primary "clients" were other healthcare providers, which often referred patients to AlliedOP based on their reputation within the industry. However, AlliedOP noticed their market was changing. In the information age, AlliedOP's amputee patients were no longer willing to blindly accept a referral from their primary healthcare providers without conducting research of their own - especially for decisions as important as their health and wellness.

AlliedOP wisely understood that this market change required a shift in AlliedOP's branding as well. Their "audience" was no longer other healthcare providers, it was the patients they were treating. AlliedOP had a well-earned reputation in the healthcare community for providing the most high-end and technologically-advanced products available. However, their "brand" did not reflect that. Here is a snapshot of their website prior to engaging with Greyfound:

Although the website was informative and technically sound, it did not exactly scream "cutting-edge" and appealed more to healthcare providers than patients. AlliedOP's other marketing collateral, including brochures, signage, and social media were similar in nature. One of the first things we worked on with AlliedOP was revamping their online presence to reflect the high-end service they were providing, as well as connect directly with the patients they were treating.

AlliedOP was already doing the hard work - in their case, providing incredible service and changing their patients' lives. Their brand simply didn't reflect what an amazing company they were. If you feel that your brand isn't properly showcasing your business, click below and we would be happy to help!


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