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What's a Mood Board?

A mood board is a series or collage of images, text, adjectives, colors and patterns that are intended to instantaneously convey a certain "feel." At Greyfound Design, we use mood boards early in the design process to ensure we are on the same page as our clients before digging deep on a particular design. This part of the design process is critical to reaching a successful outcome on your branding/design project quickly and cost-effectively.

We completed the mood board below for one of our favorite clients - BIS ( - prior to working with them on a branding initiative. The mood board was vital in setting the tone for their color palettes, typography and overall feel. We think it encapsulates their amazing brand story perfectly:

BIS Mood Board Design

Sometimes the best inspiration is right in front of your eyes. When working with another one of our great clients, Signature Style ( we found branding inspiration right in our client's beautiful shop.

Signature Style Mood Board Design

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