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AI-Powered Heat Mapping

Opinions vary greatly on the potential (and current) impact of artificial intelligence in the world of marketing and design. On one side of the spectrum, there are those that believe AI can never replace creative thinking and has no place in our industry. Others believe AI will ultimately render creative-thinkers obsolete altogether. At Greyfound Design, we fall somewhere in the middle of that wide spectrum. We believe AI is, and will continue to be, a powerful tool that benefits our clients when it is used properly by a graphic designer.

One of the ways Greyfound Design is using artificial intelligence to serve our clients is through the use of heatmapping. AI-powered heat maps use massive data sets and deep neural networks to predict which areas of an image, website, billboard, etc. will draw user attention, and which areas will not.

AI Powered Heat Map over Bari 167 Branding Collateral

This technology allows our designers to confirm and validate that our clients' branding and marketing collateral are properly designed to bring attention to their most important elements. We have found this technology to be very beneficial to our clients, particularly in the digital marketing space. If you are interested in learning more about AI-Heatmapping, or would like to test your marketing collateral using this technology, reach out to us!

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